Located in the heart of downtown Abilene,  The Warehouse is the venue choice for an unparalleled night out or special event experience.  With the creative staff,  The Warehouse is known for breaking all boundaries with our devotion to creating the ultimate entertainment experience.  The creative design and unsurpassed service offered by the The Warehouse makes it the first choice for many event planners when they need a unique and extremely versatile event space.

The Warehouse is a space of controlled rawness where you can feel comfortable and cutting-edge at the same time.  A place where luxury meets stripped-down simplicity.  Such a place has yet to exist in Abilene, but all that has changed with the opening of the The Warehouse.

With an open floor plan and bar,  The Warehouse is equipped to handle a wide array of events.  Individuals and corporate clients alike can rest assured that any event held at the space will be executed to their exact needs and specifications all while keeping the unique feel that only the The Warehouse can offer.

To request more information or schedule a walk through, please contact:

The Warehouse (325)675-9644


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